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    The Cold Case Justice Initiative Hosts Special Evening at Lubin House

    April 22, 2016

    Thank you for joining us! The Cold Case Justice Initiative (CCJI), an interdisciplinary project in Syracuse University's College and Law, along with the Office of Program Development, recently hosted a special event at Lubin House.

    In a program titled The Civil Rights Era and Beyond: Confronting Racial Violence and Demanding Justice for Racist Killings in America the co-directors and College of Law Professors Paula Johnson and Janis McDonald discussed the group's social justice work, particularly its role in investigating racially-motivated killings from the Civil Rights Era and present day. The co-directors, aided in their work by student volunteers and interns, work directly with families who seek justice for crimes long forgotten or ignored. The Initiative also works with civil and human rights activists in its advocacy for legal, legislative, and policy changes on Capitol Hill and the Department of Justice.

    Those in attendance had the opportunity to learn firsthand just why the CCJI has become a nationally and internationally recognized voice in the movement for justice for victims and families and accountability for individuals and institutions that are responsible for these crimes. The co-directors took questions from the engaged audience throughout their presentation as well.

    The necessity and demand for the CCJI's work became clear as the evening drew to a close. As the professors explained to the audience, the Initiative is seeing an increased workload due to the governmental failure to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of these crimes. They went on to describe how this makes the impact of their work more evident than ever and demonstrates the importance in resolving unsolved cases and addressing contemporary issues of racial justice.

    Learn more about the CCJI and its work and view photos from the evening here.