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    Scholar Spotlight: Jason Foggie '16

    February 25, 2014

    Meet Jason!Coming from the High School for Math, Science and Engineering in New York City, Jason Foggie was unsure whether he should pursue engineering as his guidance counselors and other mentors strongly suggested, or pursue what he wanted in his heart, a career in architecture. After much consideration, he decided to take a leap of faith and pursue architecture

    How did you come to choose Syracuse University?

    I found that Syracuse provided me with a large, diversified and well-rounded campus atmosphere while feeling like a small intimate school. Based on my portfolio, I was honored to be awarded a Full Tuition Architecture Scholarship. That showed me that they had faith in my dream and were willing to support and nurture the skills they saw in me.

    What is special to you about Syracuse and the School of Architecture?

    Diversity on this campus is amazing! Just this semester, I randomly met a group of five Japanese students from Yokohama, who are here studying English. We were able to connect over food and share languages, an opportunity that would usually only be afforded by travel to their country. One of my passions is to travel and meet people from all over the world and exchange cultures. At Syracuse University, by bringing in people from every corner of the world they have made that possible right here on this campus.

    In the School of Architecture, there are numerous things I find special and am thankful for. One in particular is their desire to broaden the horizons of their students through exposure. Syracuse University’s School of Architecture is phenomenal in educating their students in classical architecture and the overall history of architecture, which I am grateful to Professor Richard Rosa for drilling into me. However, I was really honored to be a part of a Visiting Critic Studio where students get the opportunity to design something visionary under the tutelage of a practicing professional or guest professor for one semester. Through this Visiting Critic Studio, I was able to build upon what Prof. Rosa taught me, and stretch my design capabilities with exposure to new design programs, 3-D printing and other contemporary fabrication methods. I was also able to share these designs with students in another country with a fully-funded visit to Taipei through of the efforts of Dean Michael Speaks and graduate Todd Rubin. I am still in contact with the students I designed with in Taipei and I intend to maintain connections them throughout my career for possible future collaborations.

    How did you choose architecture as your major?

    I remember my art teacher from the sixth grade, Mrs. Zukowski. At one point in her curriculum, she taught my class how to construct single-point perspective drawings. I was amazed at the effect it created, and how creative it allowed me to be! A whole new world was opened to me, and she took notice of that. After telling me this was a common drawing style for architects, she suggested I do some research on architecture and see if it is something that interests me. At that age, my research skills weren’t the greatest, but what I found out from books at home, the library and basic Google searches led me on a new adventure in life. Also throughout my childhood, my family was very active in exposing me to art, history and science by taking me to museums while on family vacations. I did not know it at the time, but these visits played pivotal roles in sparking my interest in architecture. Over time I became fascinated with buildings, their shape, their material and color, and the way in which they were put together. That fascination stayed with me throughout high school and continued to increase exponentially, growing my passion for architecture.

    What do you take part in at Syracuse in addition to classes?

    I take part in the SU Outing Club, Intramural Sports teams, Mello Velo’s Thursday Night Community Bike Rides and frequent trips to nearby mountains to snowboard with friends. Also, through Syracuse Recreation Services, I have had the opportunity to travel abroad to Costa Rica to participate in eco-tourism and Canada as well to dogsled and snowshoe in Algonquin Park. These have all been key parts of my experience here at Syracuse, but currently, my main involvement on campus outside of classes is with my Christian ministry on campus called “Cru”. I play the drums for their worship team and I co-lead their Outreach Team. It has helped me to grow in my spiritual beliefs and connect with many people who share in that same joy of life.

    What are your plans after you graduate?

    I am really excited to start a new chapter of my life, so I want to jump right into working and participating in all the wonderful things adult-life has to offer. I am pursuing architecture jobs on the West Coast, where I would like to establish myself as an architect and begin learning all that I can to become the best architect possible. I would like to use architecture as a platform to allow people to share and exchange culture, and if I can help advance the discipline along the way, that would be a great added benefit.