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    Two Hearts Bleeding Orange, Falling in Love and a Lubin House Proposal

    November 1, 2016

    Andy and Mel proposal in the Lubin House LibraryLubin House recently served as thebackdrop to an Orange marriage proposal when Andrew Pregler ’15 came to us to ask if he could pop the question to his girlfriend Mel Allan ’15 on October 8. The timing couldn’t have been better as an admissions program was going on that day. Andy and Mel have worked with the Office of Admissions since they were students so the event was the perfect cover story for Andy to get Mel to the house. Andy was on dropped off the ring, flowers and a video ahead of the big day. The proposal took place in the Lubin House library which was adorned with some Ottos and other Orange themed décor.

    The newly engaged couple was kind enough to take time for a short Q & A.

    Congratulations on the engagement! We would love to hear a bit more about your Orange love story. When did the two of you meet? Where?

    Andy: So Mel and I met the summer leading into our senior year. I was subletting the house next door to her and we were both working in the Office of Admissions for U100. Mel was in charge of training me on giving campus tours since I was new. My first time out, she asked me if I had given a tour before, I said yes (a lie) having given a few iSchool tours, and she let me tag team it with her. I did well enough that she never suspected anything and thought I was good enough to get working! I personally thought we were a great team since we were both high energy but not overwhelmingly so. I asked her to hang out one night with us and we just never stopped talking! 

    You both graduated in 2015. Did you both land jobs here in NYC right away? 

    Andy: Yes, we both moved here right after school working at companies with strong Orange connections. We didn't move in, but both lived with other 'Cuse alumni we knew!

    Mel: I was living in NYC student teaching while he was in Syracuse. My semester in NYC was in the fall and it's a program through the School of Ed called Bridge to the City. It's an amazing opportunity that gives seniors the opportunity to live and student teach in NYC to get a different experience with urban education. I spent a lot of time at the Lubin House that semester, between attending classes and working in the admissions offices interviewing prospective students for SU.  

    What made you decide the time was right to propose?

    Andy: Mel has been my best friend since I met her. The fact that we handled senior year, graduation, a move to the city and a move in together and nothing about that ever changed was the biggest thing that showed me it was time. 

    Mel: It's hard to say how I knew Andy was the one. there were just so many things that felt right - the way we support each other, love spending time together, always bring out the best in each other. I think a huge part of it is that Andy and I are both chasing our dreams and working towards our goals right now (which requires a HUGE amount of our time and patience) and we are so incredibly supportive of the other person in this journey. It's a great place to be!

    What are some other special SU moments you can share?

    Mel: One thing Andy and I love about living in NYC is constantly being surrounded by Syracuse alumni. From the small moments like passing by people on the street or the subway wearing cuse gear, to being able to attend alumni and Syracuse events, we love it! 

    Andy: There have been a ton of Syracuse moments along our way, but one of my favorites was actually the look on Mel's face after I proposed and all of her best friends showed up at Lubin House. Mel's friends are incredibly close and had been a crew since freshman year. Seeing all of them together for the first time since graduation was amazing.

    Our congratulations again to Andy and Mel. We can't wait to see photos of the Orange wedding!