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    Architecture NYC students' work on display

    May 3, 2016

    Syracuse Architecture NYC students' semester-long architectural design projects were showcased to alumni during the final Fisher Center Networking Breakfast of the academic year.

    The assignment for students this semester was to design conceptual proposals of affordable housing in conjunction with community programs on four sites in the Gowanus neighborhood. The studio instructors, Angela Co, Julie Moskovitz, and Julian von der Schulenburg took Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Housing New York – A Five-borough, Ten-Year Plan and Bridging Gowanus – Planning Framework as the prompt for the studio, and have directed students to create housing proposals that are not only economically feasible, but at the same time responsible for the environment and give back to the community.

    "The alums who attended the breakfast responded with appreciation for the complex issues the students were able to resolve and the craft of their work," says Xiaoyin (shell) Lin. "The alums and the students also exchanged experiences of their education and reflected on the progression of their profession."

    This studio  was coordinated with two other courses offered in the Architecture NYC program: NYC City Planning taught by Jeff Shumaker and Real Estate Design and Development taught by Shawn Amsler.

    Go ahead and take a look at all the designs on display during the networking breakfast now.