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    A special invitation from the Morgan Library & Museum to SU Alumni

    January 29, 2016

    Join us!On February 5th Syracuse University alumni and friends have a special invitation from the Morgan Library & Museum to attend an opening-night discussion about Andy Warhol.

    Syracuse University alumni and friends are invited to the kickoff event for the Morgan Library and Museum's latest exhibition Warhol by the Book. The evening will feature with a special discussion with Lucy Mulroney art historian and senior director for the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University and Blake Gopnik, art critic for The New Yorker and author of the highly-anticipated biography of Warhol.

    In 1968 Warhol endeavored to ‘‘write’’ a novel, entitled simply a. The premise of the novel is that it reproduces, indexically, twenty-four tape-recorded hours  of the life of Warhol’s friend ‘‘Ondine.” Lucy will discuss the archival discoveries she made in the editorial files of the Grove Press Records held by Syracuse University Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center, which revealed how Warhol’s novel strategically embraced and deployed arbitrariness, chance, and error as both a style and as a rhetorical provocation. Lucy will also discuss the pop-up book that Warhol published with Random House, which he was working on at the same time as his novel.

    To avoid the museum's admission charge RSVP with us and reserve your spot today!