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    NYC architect leaves mark on campus

    April 24, 2012

    Richard Gluckman '70, G'71When Richard Gluckman ’70, G’71 was a student at Syracuse University, it was an exciting time in the world and in the School of Architecture. “While based on classical modernism, our education was influenced by the public advocacy practice emerging in the 60s,” he says. “We were fortunate to have a great group of teachers who were also accomplished practitioners. That core group gave me exceptional training and the confidence to perform in the professional world.”

    Today, Gluckman is leaving his mark on SU both literally and figuratively. His firm, New York City-based Gluckman Mayner Architects, designed The Warehouse in 2005 and is currently designing Dineen Hall, the College of Law’s new home. In addition, he has made a significant gift to the School of Architecture that will support the school’s Dean’s Fund as well as other initiatives that have yet to be determined.

    “I had a terrific academic and social experience at SU, especially at the School of Architecture,” explains Gluckman. “I’ve always felt a great deal of pride in Syracuse University and have a strong desire to give back. The University has transformed itself over the past 30 years, and a lot of credit goes to Chancellor Cantor.”

    Gluckman is especially proud of the efforts SU and the School of Architecture are making to embrace downtown Syracuse and the surrounding community, particularly through efforts led by Dean Mark Robbins for the Near West Side initiative. He believes that while Syracuse is representative of many cities in the Northeast that are battling decline, the work SU is doing to partner with and rejuvenate the city is exemplary.

    “I was happy to have been involved with The Warehouse, but I’m thrilled to be working on the law school project,” says Gluckman. “It is one of the most important projects of my career, and to know that it is located at SU is doubly significant.” Undoubtedly, having a facility like Dineen Hall will be wonderful for SU. And for Gluckman, the privilege to design it allows him to leave a personal mark on campus—a tribute to what he learned as a student.

    In addition to staying connected to Syracuse professionally and as a donor, Gluckman serves as chair of the School of Architecture Advisory Board and has taught at SU three times. “The School of Architecture faculty has expanded and evolved as the profession has evolved, and it continues to raise the bar within the academy,” he says. “When I see the program now and what the students are producing, I’m not sure I could get through the program, let alone get in.”

    While all alumni don’t have the opportunity to design a building for Syracuse University, they can support SU by giving back. “It’s hard to find someone who didn’t have some sort of impactful experience at SU,” he adds. “Whether from a course or a professor who left an impression on you or the formation of strong, lifelong friendships, there was something significant that makes you want to ensure that successive generations have these same opportunities. Schools like Syracuse rely on the support of their graduates.”