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    WACNYC helping alums overcome fear of public speaking

    March 23, 2011

    Joyce Newman speaking at Lubin House to SU alums

    Earlier this year, the Whitman Alumni Club of NYC welcomed Joyce Newman to Lubin House as part of their Speaker Series.

    Ms. Newman, founder and CEO of the Newman Group, is an expert speaker who leads workshops and training sessions about public speaking. Her clients include Mickey Mantle, Vanessa Williams, Ernst & Young, Estee Lauder, and McDonalds.

    While at Lubin House, she spoke to alumni about analyzing your audience, giving persuasive speeches, handling Q&A sessions, using Audio-Visual aids, and presenting with energy.

    Here are some of her tips:

    Tips About You (the Presenter)

    • Have energy
    • Be personable
    • Use your experience and be authentic
    • Be in control of the situation
      • Do whatever it takes to overcome your stage fright
    • Know what kind of buzz you want to create
    • Body language is critical
      • Stand solid
      • Gestures have to be well timed and congruent
      • Do not move when saying a key point
    • Confidence and competence is the way to handle mishaps
    • Trust your gut
    • Make yourself memorable for the right reasons

    Tips About the Audience

    • Audience analysis
      • Who are they?
      • What do they know?
      • What is in it for them?
    • Get connected with your audience
      • Make eye contact, do not just scan the room
    • It only takes 3-7 seconds for a person to decide if they are going to listen to you or not
      • Practice your opening more than any other part of the presentation
    • During the Q&A do not finish answering the question with the person who asked it
      • This will give you a way out

    Below is a clip of SU Alum and WACNYC treasurer Chad Bender about the benefits of staying involved with SU after you graduate.