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    WACNYC Speaker Series with Andrea Nierenberg

    July 8, 2011

    The Whitman Alumni Club of New York City hosted public speaker Andrea Nierenberg at Lubin House to talk about the importance and best practices of networking.

    Networking Tips

    • Be Organized
    • Listen: People will tell you things about themselves overtime; remember what they say
    • Identify the networks in your life (i.e. work, activities, friendships) and build alliances and relationships within these networks
    • Be sincere and say thank you
    • Give without remembering, receive without forgetting
    • It is important to meet new people, but don't forget to remember and nurture older relationships too
    • Always carry business cards- especially when you're not "networking"
    • Remember that everyone communicates differently
    • Be accountable and follow up with the people you meet
    • Find creative ways to get back in touch with people. Do not always ask for something
    • Always be nice, you never know who people know
    • Create Advocacy: let other people brag about you, try not to brag about yourself

    Watch the video to hear from Whitman alumni on why it is important to stay connected with Syracuse after you graduate.