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    The Illustrator's Journey

    September 21, 2011

    The School of Visual and Performing Arts welcomed alumni, SU staff and friends to the gallery reception for John Thompson and Roger DeMuth, two Syracuse VPA professors.

    The exhibit at the Palitz Gallery, which showcases paintings by Professor Thompson and watercolors by Professor DeMuth, will be open until September 29, 2011 at the Palitz Gallery.

    "John Thompson's initial inspiration for his paintings of India actually began while teaching in Venice. After witnessing four Indian women in vividly colored saris about to enter the Basilica San Marco, Thompson was instantly reminded of the work of Titan and Veronese. After retuning home in 2000, he completed Sightseer's from the East. While the piece paid tribute to the two Italian masters, it was the Indian women and their colorful fabrics that were the keys to the success of the painting."

    Sightseers from the East, Thompson

    "In contrast to Thompson's photo-realistic style, Roger DeMuth's watercolors employ the whimsy and gesture that is so distinct in his illustrations and books. Working from sketches and panoramic photographs, DeMuth is motivated by a variety of settings, including Venice, Rome, and Paris as well as the streets of Nantucket, the picturesque towns of South Caroline, and his home in Cazenovia, New York. His scenes are composed with an energetic gesture and playful mark-making that captures the viewers attention, transporting them into another landscape."

    Rome Keyhole, DeMuth

    Below is a clip of John Thompson and Roger DeMuth at the reception held on Wednesday, September 14, 2011.