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    Syracuse Alumni in NYC attend #SUinNYCSocial

    March 27, 2013

    Hali Stark, Elana Zak, Steve Krakauer, Joshual Lukin

    #SUinNYCSocial was a night for New York City alumni who work in social media to get together and do what they do best: network!

    The event featured guest speakers Steve Krakauer '06 of CNN, Josh Lukin '02 of MLB, Hali Stark '11 of MLB, Jordan Schwartz '04 of MLB and Elana Zak '07 of the Wall Street Journal.

    Guests of the event, along with those following on Twitter, used the hash tag #SUinNYCsocial to tweet what they were learning from the panelists, to ask questions and to share photos.

    More than 70 alumni networked, made new connections, and had fun with our Instagram photo corner.

    instagram corner

    To see photos from the evening, visit the Lubin House Facebook page.

    If you would like to read about what social media advice our panelists from CNN, MLB and the Wall Street Journal had to say, you can read our Storify here.