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    Syracuse Alumni Networking Reception

    December 6, 2011

    Winston Fisher '96 (second from left) with SU Alumni

    Syracuse University Trustees Winston Fisher '96 and Jimmy Kuhn '70 hosted a reception for Syracuse alumni in the Metro New York area who work in the finance, insurance, and real estate industries. The reception was held at Provocateur Café in the Meatpacking District  on Thursday, October 27th as part of the New York Regional Campaign.

    The reception was also a way for alumni to reconnect with one another and with the University. “It’s networking,” said Fisher. “We can do business with each other, and it is also a way to get back involved with the school. On a personal level, what I would really like to see is Syracuse University graduates doing business together…  It is a way to get everyone re-introduced to Syracuse.”

    Provacateur Event

    Everyone in attendance was encouraged by Fisher to get to know each other and to look for ways to be involved with Syracuse from New York City. “The University is an exciting, dynamic place. And it’s partly because of the alumni. It can only get better if you guys stick around.”

    Fisher recently issued a generous $250,000 challenge to encourage giving to the newly created Orange Metro Fund which will provide support for academic programs in the city and will help to develop new ones.  Syracuse University provides many opportunities for students to travel to New York City; from immersions in specific disciplines to one-day trips to Manhattan’s stock and futures exchanges.

    Provacateur Event 2

    For more information about the Orange Metro Fund, click here.

    For more pictures from the event, please visit our Facebook Page.