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    Orange Pulp opening reception

    March 7, 2012

    Sean Quimby, David Saunders, and Suzanne Thorin

    Several pulp afficianados, including David Saunders, son of pulp artist Norman Saunders, were among the teeming crowd that attended the Palitz Gallery opening reception for Orange Pulp: The Pulp Magazine and Contemporary Culture.

    Suzanne Thorin, dean of libraries and University librarian welcomed the crowd while Sean Quimby, director of the Special Collections Research Center, took a couple minutes to draw guests into the world of pulp art. Quimby discussed the rich and vast history of pulp art and how its basic concepts still live on in glossy photo-dense magazines, paperback novels, comic books and even film. Orange Pulp is on display through April 12. Watch video from the event below and check out photos on our Facebook page.