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    Palitz Gallery host's final reception of 2010 - 2011 schedule

    June 20, 2011

    Pa Bouje Ankò: Don't Move Again earned the praise of visitors who attended a special reception at the Palitz Gallery, Lubin House.

    Photographer Laura Heyman traveled to Haiti in November 2009. She began the project with a question: "Can someone from the first world see and photograph within the third world without voyeurism or objectification?" So Heyman went to work, opening a formal portrait studio in the Grand Rue neighborhood of Port-au-Prince and invited members of the local community to have their portraits made.

    The Palitz Gallery walls were filled with portraits taken beginning in the fall of 2009 and as recently at March of this year. Guests also had a chance to meet the artist and hear first-hand about her experience. Pa Bouje Ankò: Don't Move Again was also reviewed in The New Yorker and your can read that review now.