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    Cry for Peace: Voices from the Congo

    January 7, 2013

    Congolese refugees from Syracuse brought their stories to the stage as part of the Undesirable Elements Festival at LaMaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theatre in New York City. Cry for Peace: Voices from the Congo is based on interviews with members of the Congolese community in Central New York.

    Syracuse University Arts Engage Program collaborated with Syracuse Stage, Ping Chong + Company and the Syracuse Congolese community to put together this moving performance. Collaborators are hoping Cry for Peace will bring awareness to the issues Congolese-Americans face as well as promote peace and justice in the Congo.

    Carole Brzozowski, SU Performing Arts Presenter, was excited to bring this performance to a new audience. “It is important to come to New York because this is a story that is told in a small town in Upstate New York,” says Brzozowski, “but every single issue exists in every single street of every single town in the world.” The problems in the Congo are far from resolved and Brzozowski hopes “we find ways to use this piece of evangelism for what can happen in terms of peace and reconciliation, when you take a stand to make a difference.”

    Below is an interview with Carole Brzozowski and Ping Chong, artistic director of Ping Chong + Company, after the opening night of Cry for Peace at LaMaMa.

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